How we assisted GEDI in achieving real-time view of the organization's data processing through a compliance solution.


Keeping the register of processing activities well organized and easily accessible is a challenge for any organization, especially for companies groups that need to keep track of several subsidiaries operating under control of the parent company.

This use case describes how GEDI Gruppo Editoriale - with the help of Sweet Legal Tech - has automated its register of processing activities through the use of data privacy management and governance software.

The complexity of a corporate group stems from the intricate flow of personal data between its many subsidiaries and the large number of third-party vendors with whom it shares such data.

Sweet Legal Tech was appointed by GEDI to implement a system that would manage all subsidiaries registers of processing activities, with the particular goal of reducing the time needed for consultation, update and and search for information. Moreover, the entire legal department (including the Group’s DPO) has been trained to use the solution.

The Challenge

Facing the intricate challenge of managing registers of processing activities across multiple subsidiary companies, GEDI Gruppo Editoriale identified a pressing need for a more sophisticated solution. The existing reliance on Excel sheets proved to be limiting, hindering efficient monitoring and easy access to critical information.

About Client

GEDI Gruppo Editoriale is an Italian multimedia company active in print, digital communication, radio and television based in Turin, Italy.

Attention to the quality of content is at the heart of editorial projects that have led to the birth of various titles. Quality entertainment, passion for music and involvement of local communities are also the foundations on which the Group's radio stations were born, starting with Radio Deejay, which was followed by Radio Capital and M2O.

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